Back The Track | Austin Gives Miles Gives Runners a Chance to Give Back

Austin Gives Miles Gives Runners a Chance to Give Back

Back the Track is an official Austin Gives Miles charity

If you run in Austin, you’ve probably witnessed the giving spirit of the running community. From the numerous free workout groups that run the Town Lake trail every day to the signs along the Austin High track that highlight individual donations to Back The Track, the Austin running community is filled with people who want to help. With this mission in mind, Back The Track and Austin Gives Miles are giving runners the unique opportunity to run your miles for a greater purpose.

For the past five years, Austin Gives Miles has brought the running community together with a shared focus: to give back to our local community. The program connects Central Texas nonprofits to race participants of the Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K, while providing a meaningful purpose to training. Nonprofits and individuals create a fundraiser on CrowdRise. They share their stories with the community. People can then donate to inspiring local causes that truly make an impact.

Each fundraiser presents a great opportunity to see the philanthropic spirit of the Austin community in action. Since 2014, Austin Gives Miles has raised more than $1.97 million for Central Texas charities. The aim for 2019 is to see 1,500 runners raise $1 million.

With the help of returning charities like Back The Track, the goal of giving back continues to inspire the community.

Back The Track

Back the Track is an Austin Gives Miles charity.

Almost every runner in Austin has used the Austin High School track to develop and improve their fitness goals. In addition to the high school students, runners of all levels and age groups use the oval every single day. That group includes Olympians. The Austin High track has been the place to put in miles of every effort. and bring inspiring figures in the running community together.

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With so many athletes utilizing the facilities every day, the track has become worn and in need of resurfacing. By working directly with Austin ISD, Back The Track’s goal is to not only raise funds to resurface this special track. We plan to build a state-of-the-art facility for future generations of runners to enjoy.

Back The Track has teamed up with Austin Gives Miles as an official charity partner with the goal of raising $15,000. Runners can fundraise while training for every distance at the track, including the marathon and the mile. Back The Track and Austin Gives Miles are creating an opportunity to give those training miles even more meaning.

The track is a venue for workouts as well as a place for runners to grow as people. It’s a cause that affects the lives of nearly every runner in Austin.

As Iram Leon, the president of the Austin Runner’s Club so eloquently put, “It’s a good connection point, unlike the trail itself where if you’re near someone you may not ever get to meet them. But here at the track, you have a chance to see and meet others who are going at different paces and so it has given people a place for organic connection.”

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