Our website is currently being rebuilt. Please pardon the mess!

While we rebuild the website, here are three local running stores helping BTT right now and how you can support us.

The Loop Running Supply is hosting a series of track meets this summer where 100% of the profits come to Back The Track. Click on the 'register for summer track meet' button below to get involved.

Ready to Run's Sarah Grissom got creative and designed a shirt. $7 of every shirt sold comes right to BTT. You can head in store to buy one or even snag one online.

Fleet Feet Austin worked hand in hand with the BTT Committee and sells a one-off, limited edition pair of BTT Goodr Sunglasses where $5 of every purchase comes to us!

Stewart Mickler Designs is offering to host a pool party if you volunteer at the BTT Aid Station during CapTexTri. Click the button below to sign up - and go get your hair did by Stewart! If you volunteer, High Five Events will donate $500 to BTT.

Thanks for the support and we'll have our new website up and running in no time!

More Info

Back the Track is a nonprofit entity underneath the Austin Ed Fund - an organization whose primary function is to serve as a catalyst for generating and distributing external resources for the support of excellence in the Austin Independent School District.

The track and field complex at Austin High School is conveniently located on Lady Bird Lake, a 10-mile crushed granite trail that receives more than 2.6 million visits a year. Because of the proximity of the track and the high school to the trail, the entire fitness community primarily uses the track to do workouts, meet for runs, walk, jog, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. This, combined with the need to have a facility that can serve its 2,200+ students has led to rapid deterioration and inadequate facilities for both the community and the students at the high school.

We started Back the Track to engage the community, then partnered with the Austin Ed Fund and A.I.S.D., in order to privately raise funds to support a public facility. This unprecedented approach has never been done in the City of Austin or within AISD. In doing so, we've had meetings with architects, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars (our goal is 3mm in order to break ground on June 1, 2020), got involved in bond elections, and have monthly committee meetings featuring everyone in the Austin fitness community. This is truly a community effort and we're just getting started.