How many people run on the AHS Track?

Based on rough projections it is estimated that 13,000 Austin runners visit and enjoy the use of the AHS track per calendar year. In addition, 600 students at Austin High use the track annually.

Why is the AHS track so heavily used versus other tracks in town?

AHS is located right in the center of a steadily growing, thriving metroplex. It is located adjacent to the enormously popular Lady Bird Lake, Butler running trail and across from Zilker Park. Dozens of fun runs and road races including the Capital 10,000 and the Austin Marathon run routes that pass by the AHS track. For all these reasons the AHS track is widely visible, conveniently located and ultimately heavily used by the citizens of Austin. Furthermore, there is not another track centrally located in Austin for athletes and fitness groups to train.

I pay city taxes, which include school taxes. Why should I contribute to Back the Track too?

Austin Independent School District is the 4th largest school distict in Texas. AISD supports 12 high schools and a toatal of 129 school campuses in Austin. In comparison, many of the surrounding school districts (ie: Westlake, Lake Travis and Round Rock) have only one or two high schools within their district. For more information about AISD click here:

Did you know that last year AISD sent $380 million of city taxes to other districts around the state because our state recapture laws called “Robinhood?” To read more about the Robinhood tax law please click here:

The Austin High track is very unique in that AISD allows the Austin community to share the use of the facility. Between having 129 school campuses to support and inadequate state funding there are simply not enough resources to adequately fund athletic facilities such as the Austin High Track

When was the AHS track last resurfaced?

The Austin High School track was patched in 2012 and due to heavy usage needs to be repaired again. That is a 4x faster erosion rate than other area high school tracks. It has been over 7 years since the track has been completely replaced.

In the spring of 2017 the track will undergo another patch due to saftey risks that face our student athletes. Patching the track is a temporary solution and does not address the long term overuse of the AHS track.

How will donations to Back the Track be spent?

100% of any donations made to “Back the Track” will go directly towards the track.

What are the goals of “Back the Track?”

Our goal is to create a comprehensive track and field facility that addresses the athletic needs of Austin High students and the needs and desires of the Austin running and fitness community. In phase one we aim to enlarge the track from 6 lanes to 8 lanesand build a high-quality track that meets UIL standards, which would allow the track to be used for area meets. Phase One also includes improving the high jump, long jump, discus areas, and replacing the current sod within the track to turf, landscaping including an improved paved area to the restrooms/concessions, bleachers, shade covers, and new fencing surrounding the area. See our initial architectural plans here:

How can I participate in Back the Track?

Currently we offer two donation levels, but we welcome all levels of participation. We will continue to expand our donation levels throughout the year. Other ways you can help are by checking with your place of employment to see if they offer matching donations or spread the word among your fitness friends and consider fundraising together to obtain a sign or a commemorative brick.

Have ideas for us? We welcome them. Feel free to reach out to